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Christmas Musical 2019

Angels Watching Over Me

Turkey Bowl Breakfast



Sunday, November 24, 2013: 8:00am – Turkey Bowl Breakfast for the Camden High School and Woodrow Wilson High School Football teams in the Social Hall.

Pre-Thanksgiving Bake Sale



Sunday, November 24, 2013 after Sunday Morning Service: Welcome Committee Pre-Thanksgiving Bake Sale in the Social Hall.



Wonderful Counselor

Sunday, December 8, 2013 at 6:00pm – The First Nazarene Baptist Church Annual Christmas Program, “Wonderful Counselor “. Tickets are $25.00, group seating is available. Please call the Church office at 856-365-0642 for more information.

Pastor Jones: Spring Up, O Well

Reverend Watson: Gather What Remains

Pastor Jones: The Two Baptisms

Pastor Jones: Through Many Hardships

Reverend Watson: A Promise Is A Promise

Fellowship of Deacons

Fellowship of Deacons:

Ministry Leader:  Deacon J. Jay Hunt

Assistant Ministry Leader:  Deacon Percy Richardson

Deacons:  Deacon Anthony E. Ware, Sr., Deacon Cullen Askew, Deacon Michael Batts, Deacon Charles Blake, Deacon Phil Collier, Deacon Alvin Dorsett, Deacon Oliver Hubbard, Deacon Rodney Hunt, Deacon Frank Money, Deacon Al Richardson, Deacon Ralph Saunders, Deacon Robert Smith, Deacon Cyrus Young

Fellowship of Deaconess

Fellowship of Deaconess:

Sis. Jackie Hunt, Sis. Naomi Hubbard, Sis. Armani Blake, Sis. Denise Batts, Sis. Roberta Dorsett, Sis. Elizabeth Hunt, Sis. Elaine Jones, Sis. Margaret Mangrum, Sis. Goldia Murray, Sis. Lynda Richardson, Sis. Rutha Richardson, Sis. Linda Saunders, Sis. Nancy Young

Fellowship of Trustees

Fellowship of Trustees:

            Ministry Leader:  Bro. Rodney Williams

Assistant Ministry Leader:  Dr. Roy Dawson

Trustees: Sis. Claudia Greene Sis. Geneva Brown, Bro. Glenn Baker, Sis. Kim Craig, Sis. Virginia Henderson-Webster, Bro. George Hill, Bro. Tom Hill, Bro. Paul Hilton, Bro. Eric Johnson, Sis. Loretta Key-Monroe, Bro. James McFadden, Sis. Delores Miller, Sis. Deborah Moore, Bro. John Smith, Bro. Robert Wardlow, Bro. Bruce Watson, Sis. Nancy Young

Pastor Jones 37th Anniversary “Who Has Believed Our Report”

Men’s Ministry

Men’s Ministry:

Ministry Leader:  Bro. Paul Kennedy

Assistant Ministry Leader:  Deacon J. Jay Hunt