Reverend Watson: A Promise Is A Promise
Pastor Jones: The Two Baptisms
Pastor Jones: Spring Up, O Well
Reverend Watson: Gather What Remains
Pastor Jones: The Final Benediction
Rev. Watson: Grace Won't Let Me Go
Rev. Watson: The Prescription For A Holy And Healthy Church
Pastor Jones: God Will Command A Blessing Upon Thee
Rev. Watson: Cry For Revival
Rev. Watson: Get It Together
Rev. Jones: A Privilege To Proclaim Pt. 3
Rev. Dr. David E. Goatley: I Am With You Always, Even Unto The End Of The World
Rev. Charles B. Jackson, Sr. : How To Tell God Thank You
Rev. Charles B. Jackson, Sr. : Whom The Lord Favors
Rev. Charles B. Jackson, Sr. : Your Deliverance Is In Your Praise
Rev. Watson: Authentic Praise, Authentic Worship, Authentic Blessings
Pastor Jones: Christ In The Tabernacle
Pastor Jones: The Architect Of Salvation
Pastor Jones: The Gospel Of The Burnt Offering
Pastor Jones: God's Wash Basin
Rev. Watson: Wake Up
Pastor Jones: The Church - The Lighthouse
Pastor Jones: The Table
Rev. Watson: Through It All
Rev. Raymond Wilson: God Looks Out For His Man
Pastor Jones: The Mercy Seat
Pastor Jones: The Pastor's Farewell
Rev. Watson: Get Out The Way
022617 - Free At Last
030517 - Represent Jesus
031217 - Represent Jesus Pt.3
031917 - Represent Jesus Pt. 4
032617 - 2Cor. 11:20-30
040217 - Back To The Basics
040917 - Back To The Basics Pt. 3
041617 - Back To The Basics Pt. 5
042317 - I Changed My Mind
043017 - Bad Company
050717 - I Changed My Mind and God Changed My Circumstances
051417 - Stay Connected
052117 - Faith Don't Fail Me Now
052117 - It Ain't Over Yet
052817 - Rev. Raymond Wilson
060417 - The King's Daughter
061117 - When Reality Hits Pt.2
072317 - Your Unknown Self Pt.2
081317 - What In The World Is Going On?
082017 - Faith, Still Matters
082717 - Temple Behavior
090317 - Storm Behavior
091017 - The Doctrine of the Sovereignty of God
091317 - Under New Management
091717 - The Silence Of God
092017 - The Recipe For The Anointing
092417 - From A Private Meeting, To A Public Mission
092417 - The Difficulties Of Modern Day Preaching
100117 - Actions Speak Louder Than Words
101517 - Be The Church Pt.5
102217 - Dream Killers Pt.2
102917 - Tell Your Story
110517 - The Power Of Expectation
121717 - Just Say No
122417 - A Destructive Christmas
123117 - No More Excuses