Fellowship of Deacons

Fellowship of Deacons:

Ministry Leader:  Deacon J. Jay Hunt

Assistant Ministry Leader:  Deacon Percy Richardson

Deacons:  Deacon Anthony E. Ware, Sr., Deacon Cullen Askew, Deacon Michael Batts, Deacon Charles Blake, Deacon Phil Collier, Deacon Alvin Dorsett, Deacon Oliver Hubbard, Deacon Rodney Hunt, Deacon Frank Money, Deacon Al Richardson, Deacon Ralph Saunders, Deacon Robert Smith, Deacon Cyrus Young

Fellowship of Deaconess

Fellowship of Deaconess:

Sis. Jackie Hunt, Sis. Naomi Hubbard, Sis. Armani Blake, Sis. Denise Batts, Sis. Roberta Dorsett, Sis. Elizabeth Hunt, Sis. Elaine Jones, Sis. Margaret Mangrum, Sis. Goldia Murray, Sis. Lynda Richardson, Sis. Rutha Richardson, Sis. Linda Saunders, Sis. Nancy Young

Fellowship of Trustees

Fellowship of Trustees:

            Ministry Leader:  Bro. Rodney Williams

Assistant Ministry Leader:  Dr. Roy Dawson

Trustees: Sis. Claudia Greene Sis. Geneva Brown, Bro. Glenn Baker, Sis. Kim Craig, Sis. Virginia Henderson-Webster, Bro. George Hill, Bro. Tom Hill, Bro. Paul Hilton, Bro. Eric Johnson, Sis. Loretta Key-Monroe, Bro. James McFadden, Sis. Delores Miller, Sis. Deborah Moore, Bro. John Smith, Bro. Robert Wardlow, Bro. Bruce Watson, Sis. Nancy Young

Men’s Ministry

Men’s Ministry:

Ministry Leader:  Bro. Paul Kennedy

Assistant Ministry Leader:  Deacon J. Jay Hunt

Women’s Ministry

Women’s Ministry:

Ministry Leader:  Sis. Jacqueline Hunt

Assistant Ministry Leader:  Sis. Naomi Hubbard

Welcome Committee

Welcome Committee:

Ministry Leader:  Sis. Reba Hicks

Assistant Ministry Leader:  Sis. Marie Smith

Flower Guild

Flower Guild:   

Ministry Leader:  Sis. Jackie Peoples



Ministry Leader:

Scholarship Committee

Scholarship Committee:

Ministry Leader:  Sis. Linnell Wright

Assistant Ministry Leader:  Sis. Dorothy Fuller

Fellowship of Ushers

Fellowship of Ushers:

Ministry Leader:  Bro. Tom Hill

Assistant Ministry Leader:  Sis. Diane McKinney

Youth & Young Adult Ministry

Youth & Young Adult Ministry:  To provide opportunities for our youth and young adults to learn and grow spiritually within a  nurturing and caring and Christ-centered environment.

Advisors:  Deacon J Jay Hunt and Dr. Roy Dawson

Team Leaders:  Bro. Sylvester Wilkins, Sis. Vera Wilkins, Sis. Elaine  McFadden, Sis. Gail Nichols, Sis. Jacqueline Sykes, Sis. Loretta Monroe, Sis. Linnell Wright, Bro. Keith Henley, Sis. Johari Sykes, Sis. Jessica Ware, Deacon Anthony Ware, Sr.

Prison Outreach

Prison Outreach Ministry: To bring the Good News to those who are incarcerated so that they may know that there is Hope, Peace and Salvation in Jesus Christ.

Leader:  Rev. Randy Cosby

Assistants:  Deacon Frank Money

“…To open the blind eyes, to bring out the prisoners from the prison, and them that sit in darkness out of the prison house…”

                                                Isaiah 42:7

To bring the Good News to those who are incarcerated so that they may know that there is Hope, Peace and Salvation in Jesus Christ.  We share the Word of God with any prisoners who are able and willing to attend.

“Though attendance varies, the blessings of being part of this ministry are always great.”

With time on their hands, many inmates are able to really delve into God’s Word.  It is a joy when they ask us for prayer or say the “Sinner’s Prayer” with us.  It is a blessed opportunity to reach the lost and tell them about Jesus and His wonderful gift.

Community Outreach Ministry

Community Outreach Ministry:  To witness and spread the Gospel to the surrounding community so that all may have the opportunity to come to a saving knowledge  of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.


Christian Education

1.  Christian Education:  To develop the spiritual growth and understanding of the people of God through the study of God’s Word.


A.  Sunday School

B.  Bible Study

              C.  New Members Class

Music Ministry

Music Ministry:  To lead the people of God in song and praise.

Leaders:   Sis. Wanda Taylor Riddick, Min. of Music; Sis. Alva Williams, Asst. Min. of Music

Assistants:  Bro. Ryan Bates – Saxophone, Bro. Paul Kennedy – Bass, Bro. Terrell Floyd – Percussionist, Bro. Jasper Fitzgerald – Pianist, Sis. Gail Nichols – Youth Choir Director

Choirs:  Gospel Chorus, Inspiration Choir, Men’s Choir, Young Adult Choir, Youth Choir